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5 Best Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

In the fast-paced world of manufacturing, optimizing physical inventory levels is crucial for success. Manufacturers need to ensure they always have the right materials without tying up capital in excess inventory. The key to achieving this delicate balance lies in leveraging advanced inventory management software.

Understanding the Role of Inventory Management Software

Inventory management software is a game-changer for manufacturers, offering the ability to optimize physical inventory levels effectively. It enables manufacturers to place orders without the risk of tying up capital or dealing with excess inventory. Let’s delve into the benefits and explore some of the top inventory management software options available.

Unveiling the Benefits

  1. Immediate Cost Analysis: Inventory management software empowers manufacturers to promptly determine existing inventory costs. This feature is instrumental in financial planning, providing a clear picture of financial standing.
  2. Comprehensive Tracking: The software allows for the tracking of raw materials, inventory items, work-in-process (WIP) items, and finished products. This comprehensive tracking ensures a holistic view of the production pipeline.

Exploring Top Manufacturing Inventory Management Software

FreshBooks Client Management

FreshBooks Client Management stands out as a comprehensive solution to stay connected with clients. Here’s what makes it a top choice:

  • Centralized Financial Information: Keep all customer estimates, payments, invoices, credits, and financial information in one place, making tracking customers a breeze.
  • Enhanced Customer Engagement: Foster better customer relationships by involving clients in projects. Time tracking features ensure accurate invoicing, leading to improved customer rapport.
  • Business Growth Insights: Utilize client reports to understand which customers contribute positively or negatively to business growth. Apply loyalty discounts, refund previous jobs, or manage advance payments efficiently.


As the pioneer of cloud ERP systems, NetSuite caters to over 24,000 customers. Its integrated systems cover supply chain management, inventory management, commerce, finance, CRM, PSA, ERP, and HR. Key features include:

  • Real-time Insights: NetSuite provides automation of core processes and real-time insights, allowing fast-growing companies to be more effective.
  • Comprehensive Solutions: With modules covering various aspects of business operations, NetSuite is a one-stop solution for businesses seeking visibility and control.


Fishbowl is a hybrid inventory and warehouse management system designed for small and medium-sized companies. Key functionalities include:

  • Predictive Inventory Management: Fishbowl predicts inventory requirements based on sales trends, facilitating effective inventory management.
  • Versatile Deployment Options: Users can deploy Fishbowl locally or in the cloud, providing flexibility to businesses of different scales.


Prodsmart is a modular solution for SMB manufacturers, facilitating digitalization and preparation for the future of manufacturing. Key features include:

  • Data-Driven Decision-Making: By collecting insights into the entire production process, Prodsmart empowers SMBs to make informed decisions and drive business growth.
  • Optimized Operations: The solution enables SMBs to quickly respond to changes and optimize operations, instilling confidence in decision-making.


Striven, a cloud-based ERP solution, is ideal for various industries and organizations of all sizes. Notable features include:

  • Comprehensive Business Management: Striven covers customer relationship management, inventory management, project management, human resources, and accounting, making it a versatile solution.
  • Integration Capabilities: With support for integration with popular platforms like Google, Microsoft, Yodlee, Authorize.Net, and ShipStation, Striven offers seamless connectivity.

Key Takeaways

Implementing advanced inventory management solutions can significantly enhance various aspects of production. For a user-friendly and streamlined approach, consider trying FreshBooks Client Management, which even offers a free trial for a firsthand experience.

In conclusion, these top inventory management software options empower manufacturers to streamline operations, foster customer relationships, and make data-driven decisions for sustainable business growth. Explore our resource hub for more insightful guides and recommendations.

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