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Elevate Your Employee Benefits: Lincoln Financial Group Expands DentalConnect Offerings

In a strategic move aimed at enhancing employer benefit packages, Lincoln Financial Group (NYSE:LNC) has introduced a range of new benefits and value-added services to its Lincoln DentalConnect product. This expansion includes the incorporation of the Lincoln VisionConnect discount vision program, powered by HealthAllies, Inc., and the EPIC Hearing Service, now offered at no extra cost for both new and existing members enrolled in Lincoln DentalConnect PPO and indemnity plans.

Unveiling Enhanced DentalConnect Plans

Lincoln DentalConnect members will now enjoy an extended array of benefits, with access to the Lincoln VisionConnect program. This initiative opens doors to discounted rates for various vision services, procedures, and retail purchases. The Lincoln VisionConnect Discount Vision plan comes with compelling features, offering an annual eye exam at a capped cost of $40 per member, discounts on a diverse range of products like contact lenses, eyeglasses, and lens options, as well as savings on laser and vision correction procedures.

Administered by HealthAllies, Inc., a reputable discount vision plan organization based in Glendale, California, the Lincoln VisionConnect discount plan stands out. While it doesn’t directly make payments to vision service providers, it ensures members receive discounts at select vision care providers. Members are responsible for covering the costs of all vision care services but benefit from discounted rates through their association with the vision plan organization.

Embracing Comprehensive Hearing Services

Expanding its commitment to holistic well-being, Lincoln DentalConnect members, their dependents, and extended family members can now avail themselves of Lincoln’s EPIC Hearing Service Provider (HSP). This innovative service boasts a network of over 4,400 credentialed professionals, delivering comprehensive hearing services.

“Maintaining our dental care, vision, and hearing greatly impacts our quality of life and productivity, but it also has a significant impact on our overall physical condition,” emphasized Eric Reisenwitz, Senior Vice President of Group Protection Market Solutions at Lincoln Financial Group. “We know that oral health has been linked to serious ailments such as heart disease, while vision exams can help detect issues such as diabetes. With the addition of discount vision and hearing services to our PPO and indemnity dental offering, employers can offer a comprehensive benefit that can help their employees take charge of their health and wellness.”

Unveiling Lincoln Financial Group

Lincoln Financial Group, synonymous with Lincoln National Corporation (NYSE:LNC) and its affiliates, is dedicated to providing comprehensive financial solutions. Headquartered in the Philadelphia region, the companies under Lincoln Financial Group managed assets totaling $174 billion as of September 30, 2012. The spectrum of offerings includes annuities, life insurance, group life, disability, and dental coverage through its affiliated companies.

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